EX-GIRLFRIEND SWEATERa study of sartorial artifacts borrowed and stolen from the ruins of bygone love. Co-created and co-edited by Olivia Aylmer & Elizabeth Neibergall, the publication unearths stories of queer love, exes turned unexpected best friends and co-conspirators, and other unruly dynamics that emerge when a significant (or flash-in-the-pan) relationship morphs from one phase to another.

Proceeds from this zine launch went to the Audre Lorde Project.

Co-edited & conceptualized by Olivia Aylmer & Elizabeth Neibergall
Photographed by Marie K. Stotz
Styling & art direction by Julia Rose
Zine design by Mahya Soltani
Website, postcard & sticker by Suze Myers

20 pp, digitally printed on 55gsm improved paper stock. Independently published in London by Newspaper Club. Launched October 2020.