Iā€™m an independent graphic designer, motion designer and art director from Tehran, based in New York, formerly designing and art directing at The Wing, and currently taking freelance projects. Get in touch!šŸ“¬

Fields of interest and experience include,

Visual identity & branding, Animation, Merchandise design, Events promotion material, Digital marketing & OOH campaigns, Editorial design, Riso Printing

Select clients,

The Wing, Hilma, Close Personal, Glossier, Soul Cycle, She is The Music, lunch group, Etihad Museum, Brownbook, New Lab, Farewell Studio


MFA Design / Designer As Author + Entrepreneur at School of Visual Arts,
2016 ā€” 2018


Bachelor of Multimedia Design at American University of Sharjah, 2008 ā€” 2012


Co-founded & co-curatedīŽļøŽBefore We Were Banned, 2018

Mentions & Features,

īŽļøŽThe Fader īŽļøŽi-D īŽļøŽPrinted Matter

Find me on,

īŽļøŽVimeo īŽļøŽInstagram īŽļøŽAre.na



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