Before We Were Banned is a traveling group art show, born in response to the Muslim Ban 1.0. My MFA thesis project, the BWWB show was organized and curated in collaboration with Kiana Pirouz, marketing expert and activist from the diaspora. I also designed, animated, and printed the promotional material. Booklet printed at SVA Riso Lab

Before We Were Banned
Art in Response to the Muslim Ban 1.0
January 26-28, 2018
Location: ArtHelix, Brooklyn NY

Exhibiting Artists:
Mays Albeik
Layali Alsadah
Asiya Alsharabi
Farhad Bahram
[with Tom Lundberg]
Carmen Daneshmandi
Ibi Ibrahim
[with Hosam Omran]
Rhonda Khalifeh
Soraya Majd
Gina Malek
Ifrah Mansour
Tandis Shoushtary
Araweelo Abroad
Fully Booked
Taravat Talepasand
Yassin Alsalman AKA Narcy